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How To Get Your Child To Do What You Want, When You Want Them To Do It!

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(So You DON'T Have To Be So Stressed, Worried And Exhausted)
Wow This Information has been a game changer for us!  Becky has taught us, in a fun way, to look at behavior with new eyes and has given us new skills that have changed all our lives for the better.  We now have the BLUEPRINT to the best for our children.  Thank you Becky!  ~  Family of 5

"This Course Changed My Life!"

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Get Your Child To Do What You Want Them To Do
"You Did It, Becky"
Well, I am very grateful to have the information that I was looking for. NO other doctor or teacher could tell me that the Why of her behavior, sensory issues, poor speech and lack of socialization, of her autism. You did it.
"Immediate Progress"
The program targeted his sensory behaviors and speech development. His progress was immediate and quite remarkable. Seth began asking us questions and had a new interest in all that was taking place in his life.
Thanks A Billion times for all such supports and bringing lights to our lives I could not made without you… I am overjoyed too. Becky Blake’s method should be use more widely from kindergarten up to…

"Finally! A New way To Stop Tantrums & Bad Behavior Immediately & Forever"

Create The Most Compelling Future For You, Your Child And Your Family.

 Get Back To Enjoying Your Child, Your Family 
And Your Life! 

Becky Blake

From: Becky Blake
Re: Parents and Professionals
Dear Parents,

If you want to ensure your child has an amazing future & learn how to influence your child to make the best choices then this course if for you.

Or if you want to decrease challenging behaviors.

Then this is the most important letter you'll read all year! 

Here's why...

...With the craziness of the world today, so much uncertainty, so many changes,

we need to be even more engaged in our children's lives in order to best help them have the best lives!

Becky teaches you about the brain, the body and behavior in a new fun way. These tools are engaging and work with ALL AGES, STAGES and ABILITIES!  

"With this information, my child was a different child in just days. It really works and quickly."

Here's how and why we can say this...
Becky Blake is a Neurodevelopmental and a behavior expert.

She has had amazing success turning her own unique children around as well as 100's of students and 1000's of families for over 30 years. She has researched, and has been in schools, families homes, daycare centers all over the world practicing what she teaches, making changes to the lives of families.  

She usually charges $10,000's+ and truly wants this information in your hands so she is offering it at a very low price.  JUST FOR YOU!  

Todays times are crazy. 

This information is life changing.

 You will see a change in your child quickly.

Things are only going to get worse. 

With tech, home schooling, isolation.

 NOW is the time to really get a handle on how to best help your child today.

Kids are getting lost, behavior is getting worse, you need to do something immediately. 
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As Our Kids Get Older, Bigger & Stronger, We Have Less Influence Over Them. 

Changing Their Behavior NOW...

Will Give You The Peace Of Mind That You Are Doing The Best To Help Your Child Have
The Best Future Available While Creating A Happier Family Life. 

Here's Who This Works For

This Works If You're Struggling With Any Of The Following Behavoirs:
 Not Sleeping
 Talking Back 
 Tablet/Phone Addiction
 Not Potty Trained 
 Public Meltdowns
 Picky Eaters
 Not Eating 

So If You're Struggling With Getting Your Child To Do What You Want When You Want...

This Course Is For You!

Hi my name is Becky Blake.  I have spent over 30+ years working in schools and in homes with families all across the world. 

I discovered a systematic approach to effectively break bad habits in both parents and children.

I've taken those practices and years or implementation and put them into this program. I share it all with you!  All the tools, techniques, what truly works!

This program will give you results & save your sanity.

Let's face it! Parenting is frustrating enough even before this craziness. 

When you have the right skills, tools and knowledge you will be less frustrated knowing you are helping your child.

Living in a chaotic family, yelling, arguing, is total dysfunction. 

It hurts you and more importantly it hurts your child.

You will learn the skills you need to get your child to do what you want them to do....Easily.  Better understand your child's behavior, what is it truly telling you.  

You'll probably laugh, thinking "Why didn't I do this sooner?".

With the crazy year we had last year, I want this information to be accessible to you!  I usually charge $10,000's+ and have discounted this course greatly just for you.  This is the information you have been looking for all in one place.  

Here's What You'll Master With This Course

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

Course Syllabus 

  • Week 1: Get Ready, Get Set, Go - Mindset - You will learn proven techniques to help you get a positive outlook for your child and how to best start helping your child create the best behavior and most compelling future possible starting TODAY.
  • Week 2: How To Get Your Child To Do What You Want - Learn how to motivate your child to make better choices, peer proof, bully proof, do what you want them to do with little to no stress.
  • Week 3: Optimize Development - Learn what to actually focus on to create the greatest results possible. You will learn activities to strengthen the brain and body. (The most important part of guaranteeing your results stick forever.) 
  • Week 4: Your Child's Brain Decoded - Discover how we all learn naturally, how to figure out your child's success strategies in learning and life and make learning easier and more fulfilling for all involved.  
  • Week 5: Replicate What Works - Unlock how to help your child have better behavior with sure fire strategies and activities that will channel your child's highest levels of energy, concentration, attention, speech, social skills, academics and more well rounded emotions.
  • Week 6: Create A Super Kid - Learn to identify why your child is struggling. And how to boost brain systems that will enhance your child results and shorten their development cycle from years to weeks. Find the key triggers your child's behavior is truly trying to tell you. Better understand the real reasons, root cause, of your child's strengths and weaknesses to ensure getting the best results you want to see. 

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I'd like to fast track you to the life you want for yourself and your child, ASAP.

Meet Becky Blake

Becky Blake, Neurodevelopmental, Psychoneurology, Behavior expert, published author, international speaker, and Mom of 3 has been on a mission to understand people, behavior, socialization, the brain and body, and how to create a the most compelling future, for over 40 years.

 She began by creating a Seattle based school focused on kids with autism, issues with social, sensory, speech, behavior, eat, sleep, read and since has used her expertise about the brain and body to serve clients of all ages, stages, abilities on a global scale. 

Her programs have been designed to work with all ages, stages, abilities. In schools, homes, daycare centers.  IT WORKS!  IT'S FUN! YOU WILL LEARN TONS of useful ideas, techniques and tools to get your child to do what you want, when you want.  

This information is PRICELESS!  
Get access today at a very low price.  
Now is the time.  Sign up today. 

You've Seen The Results...

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Are You Next?

  • What if you could create the most compelling future for you, your child and your family?
  • What if you could empower your child make better choices, peer proof, bully proof, build esteem and raise standards?
  • What if you could enjoy your child, your family and your life even more right now?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course is a self-paced course with over 8+ hours of amazing, life changing content including Q/A's,  24/7 support accessed online. This information is not just a one time listen to program.  It is for life! 
You have been asking for this program.  
Here it is. 
Enroll now.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Due to the intellectual property revealed during this course and it's digital format a money back guarantee is not possible. If you are new to Becky Blake's work and did not receive a referral we suggest that you absorb some of her free information available on Youtube BeckyBlakeAutism and across the internet before purchasing the course.
Becky Blake has been there. She has been in the trenches as a single parent with 3 children, with unique needs, now in their 30's and doing great.  She has worked in schools, homes, all over the world.  She has seen it all.  This program works at creating change in children quickly. It has worked for 1000's of families, it will work for yours. You too can live a happier life with your child. 

Stop stressing.  Start enjoying.  

P.S. - It is crazy right now. Life is full of so much uncertainty.  You can now have access to information that works!  And works Quickly!  

This information will change you and your child's life today. 

Get the information needed to create the most compelling future possible for you, your child, your family.

Act now before it's too late. Sign up today for this huge price reduction.  Get started right away.  

Get Your Instant Access To This Revolutionary Course


I'd like to fast track you to the life you want for yourself and your child, ASAP.


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ONE TIME OFFER: Personalized Child Assessment: This is a personalized assessment that will give you the ultimate understanding of your child's brain and body. This is for parents who want their child to get ahead faster and for parent's of children with special needs. Regularly this package cost $5,000. But you can add it to your enrollment package today for only $2,000.

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